10 items to bring on long flights

10 items to bring on long flights

International flights are long. Economy class is uncomfortable. Your neighbors may be screaming babies, arguing couples, or even smelly old men. And those tiny square seats are not meant for long term sitting. But the money you can save by flying in economy class is worth it, right?! Personally, I think so, and I have come up with a list to make the long flights in economy class as easy to deal with as possible.

Being properly prepared will make your travels more comfortable and enjoyable. After 4 long overhaul flights in the same month, I have picked my top 10 items that everyone should have with them on their next long flight.


These 10 items help make long flights better

Here are 10 items that I always make sure to have with me for travel. The items are not in any particular order and I hope it’ll help you!

1) Noise cancelling headphones

I use Bose SoundTrue Headphones that go all the way around my ear and are crazy comfy. Plus they block out all outside sound (crying babies, screaming kids, arguing couples…) I absolutely love them! Bose knows ♥


2) Eye mask

At some point I always attempt to sleep a little. This Bedtime Bliss contoured sleep mask blocks out all light and conforms to your face very well. This is tried and true, and trust me, this is the best I have ever had.

3) Pashmina/sarong

I love a good pashmina because they are so versatile! There are probably hundreds of uses, but I use mine regularly as a blanket, a scarf, a sarong, a shirt, and a yoga mat. Plus they fold up small, and are light weight. I got mine at World Market a few years ago.


4) Wool socks

Airplanes get cold! and I am always cold to begin with. I love wool socks because they need to be washed less often and are thicker compared with cotton socks.

5) Book/journal/Mac – something to keep yourself busy

I always bring my Mac with me while traveling. I use at least a few hours of each flight to organize old pictures and go through music files.

And I bring a book. And I am still “old school” because I like actual books with pages, not tablets with screens… have’t made that switch quite yet.

I also bring a journal with me. I have found writing to be incredibly therapeutic and helpful. If I journal while traveling, it helps me remember the trip and cherish the memories later on. My most recent journal is like the ones below.  It is incredibly beautiful with marble paper and handmade in Venice, Italy.. Thanks mom & dad for the gift ♥


6) Easy access bathroom bag

Have a small bag for the bathroom within easy reach so that you don’t bother fellow passengers. Keep it at the top of your carry-on bag so you can easily access it. In my bathroom bag I make sure I have toothpaste, a tooth brush, face wipes, eye drops, new contacts, lip balm, hand lotion, and deodorant.

7) Portable phone charger

Some planes have chargers under the seats and others do not, so I always bring a portable charger just in case. I use Jackery Bar and love it. This little guy fully charges my phone 3 different times.hqdefault

8) Thieves spray

This spray keeps my immune system healthy and the space around me on the plane sanitary. Seriously – have you ever thought about how many germs are on a plane?? This blend of Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Lemon, and Rosemary essential oils get rid of 99.96% of all viruses and germs onus, around us, and in the air. This small bottle is perfect for travel size. I use the spray to wipe my seat off, the tray table, seat belt and then my hands before sitting in my seat. Multipurpose magical Thieves spray is a saving grace!


9) Water bottle

If you are smart you have realized a few things. 1) Water is important for your health. 2) You cannot bring water through security due to the 3 oz liquid rule. 3) Water is stupidly expensive in the airport. 4) Water fountains are on the other side of security. A fix? Bring an empty reusable water bottle with you while traveling and fill it up at a water fountain once you pass through security. Save yourself some money and the planet some plastic. I particularly love the brand HydroFlask.


10) Snacks!

I can eat all the time. And I love eating all the time. Even though long flights include meals and snacks, I always bring some of my favorite snacks with me too. In case I do not like what the airline is offering or if I get hungry before the cart comes down my aisle, I won’t starve. Some of my favorite travel snacks include dried fruit, a chocolate bar, almonds, trail mix, and a couple of bags of organic green tea. While in the terminal, I go to Starbucks and ask for a cup of hot water and add my tea bag to that and voila! Free green tea 🙂


Hope this helps!

I’m off to Hawaii now! Aloha ♥

Onward and upward,





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