Brandy is 4 years old!

I own the coolest dog ever.

Brandy is an Australian Shepherd, which is usually shortened to ‘Aussie’. Aussies are medium size dogs with high energy and a high work ethic. They are bred to be herding dogs, but do well as long as they have a job in general. Brandy’s jobs entail herding all of the squirrels back to their trees, eating all of the treats at the office, and is my insatiable running buddy.

Brandy was born on June 7 in 2012 and she is absolutely the light of my life. I came home with her when she was 8 weeks old when I went ‘just to look’ at puppies from a guy off Craigslist… She was 11 pounds of fluff with the biggest, brightest blue eyes I had ever seen… and I was immediately smitten. 

This post is all about how awesome Brandy is. So prepare for all of Brandy’s favorite places in Fort Worth, tons of adorable puppy pictures and fun Brandy facts.

Just to look”, who was I kidding…


Did you know Australian Shepherds are not even from Australia?!

Well, I didn’t until researching for this post… BUT a little research took me to which then gave me this: “Although there are many theories about the origin of the Australian Shepherd, the breed as we know it today developed exclusively in the United States. It probably originated in the Basque region of the Pyrenees Mountains between Spain and France, but was dubbed the Australian Shepherd because of its association with Basque shepherds who came to the United States from Australia in the 1800’s.” 

 There are four types of Australian Shepherds, based on their coats, and Brandy is a Red Tri. The other types are Black, Blue Merle, and Red Merle ↓


Brandy is one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever met

Brandy knows at least 25 different tricks and commands, stares into your soul when she looks at you, and I swear she understands everything I say. She speaks with her eyes and facial expressions and she even says thank you by licking you… Brandy is the most human, most empathetic and most energetic dog that I have ever known. She is also my registered emotional support animal, which basically means that she helps keep my mental state stable and I can bring her anywhere I go. She keeps me grounded and I can say that I honestly do not know where I would be without her in my life.

We go hiking and camping, she climbs trees to chase squirrels, she eats everything from apples to zucchini, and is just slightly spoiled.


puppy Brandy






 Those eyes though

Since I got her when she was a pup, I have been able to watch her grow and that included watching her eyes change color… They started at turquoise blue, turned green for a minute, faded to a pale yellow and have settled at a deep amber.







We go on adventures in Fort Worth

We are very close to the Trinity River and we try to walk/run/bike on various parts of the trail to herd squirrels and see a sunset or sunrise every day. There are over 40 miles of trails in the DFW area and we have scoped out some of the best spots in Fort Worth. 

A brand new dog park opened up less than a mile from our house!! ZBonz Dog Park has two separate enclosures for big and small dogs. The smaller section is for dogs under 40 pounds, and the larger section for all dogs over 40 pounds or small dogs who think they are over 40 pounds. Each separate section is large, has a dog agility course, a dog pond with a fountain, a gazebo for the humans to relax under with tables and chairs and dog water fountains complete with dog showers. It is basically one of the coolest and definitely the most equipped dog park I’ve been too.

Fort Worth is becoming dog friendly everywhere! Almost every place with a patio allows dogs and some restaurants even have special dog menus! Some of our favorites include Rodeo Goat, Wood Shed, & the Clear Fork Food Truck Park.

My personal office allows me to bring Brandy to work twice a week where she plays with/steps on with the other three dogs at the office. (my bosses have three dachshund mixes who are all much smaller than Brandy, and Brandy hasn’t quite gotten the gist of personal space just yet… 4 years and it just hasn’t sunk in yet, but we’re close, I can feel it). She also splits a banana with my coworker, Bob, and goes from desk to desk begging for more treats.  So, my office rocks, Fort Worth is very dog friendly, and this city offers a ton of outdoor activities to explore and enjoy.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 5.53.49 PM







Brandy climbs trees on the daily

She originally climbed her first tree at the Trinity River… she wad just chasing a squirrel and ended up following said squirrel into a tree. Since then, she has climbed over 50 trees, the highest at around 10 feet up, and will actually look to me to see if I will let her climb that tree or not. She absolutely loves it. I have never known a dog who loves climbing trees until Brandy.



Other adventures & beautiful pictures of Brandy dog










Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 5.40.35 PM


Brandy makes me happy. Happy 4th birthday, baby dog.

Onward and upward,





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