Colorado Springs, Colorado

Four humans and three dogs take a road trip.

Three of my best friends and I took a road trip up to Colorado Springs for a fun get away. A special thanks goes to Kristen’s mom, Dana, for letting us use her car! The drive only took about 13 hours and one speeding ticket to get from Denton to Colorado Springs. When we got to Colorado, we found a picture perfect log cabin awaited us.

We explored the nearby 25 acre dog park where we met Instagram-famous dogs, found some great local shops, and drove to Denver where we took part in Black Friday at the dispensaries. It snowed almost nonstop from the morning we got there until the afternoon we left. And this was my first time seeing snow this beautiful; I had never seen each individual snow flake as clear as I did when I was up in the mountains, and I fell in love with the mountains.

We rented a cabin in Colorado Springs, ate like Queens, smoked like Wiz, and explored Garden of the Gods. 

Day 1 at the cabin
Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 11.37.37 AM

Day 5 at the cabin

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 11.31.49 PM

Here are my friends.

Kacie and Lily ↓

I’ve known Kacie since high school, but we really became best friends this past summer

and she has an adorable, insta-famous vizsla, Lily.


Kristen and Ollie ↓

I met Kristen my junior year of college and she is my little from North Texas Sweethearts,

and this is her Aussie, Ollie.


Lauren ↓

and Lauren is my Fort Worth kickball buddy, sister from North Texas Sweethearts

and she has an Aussie Lab mix named Ember who didn’t get to come along. We thought three dogs was plenty.


and Brandy and me ↓

Brandy is a three year old Australian Shepherd, and she is my baby.

I’ll probably do a blog post just on how awesome she is (i.e. she eats cauliflower and climbs trees).


We rented an authentic log cabin off VRBO.

I used and found us a sweet place to stay in Colorado Springs. VRBO is a website where people can rent out their homes, apartments, and the like for others to stay in all across the world.

Here is Bear Creek Cabin’s description from VRBO: “This is an authentic miner’s log cabin built in the 1890s. Very few of these log homes are still standing. We invite you to experience this little gem set on the edge of preserved land right in Colorado Springs. Outside the front door of the cabin is an unobstructed view of the mountains and forest in the canyon.”

We went during November and I was a little worried about how well insulated the place would be; but it was crazy warm and the heat was evenly distributed throughout the whole place! Except the bathroom, that got a little chilly. The cabin can sleep five, is pet friendly, comes with a fully equipped kitchen, has cabinets of games and activities for both humans and dogs, and the beds… they were absolutely amazing! Total memory-foam-wonderfulness. And the decor, some of the decor was a little different... Kacie and I woke up the first morning to an unnerving amount of creepy dolls staring at us from the shelves around our room. So that was interesting. But the owner of this cabin owns three corgis. and I would be lying if I said that had no influence on my decision to book this cabin.

This is my top recommendation in Colorado Springs and I will be back!





Bear Creek Dog Park is a 25 acre, leash-free dog park!

As I mentioned above, Lily is an Instagram famous vizsla! So obviously Kacie set up a play date at the dog park right by the cabin with other insta-famous puppy dogs. We had a blast, but didn’t get to stay too long… due to the majority of us being native Texans who are not used too and were definitely not prepared for the snow. I am super excited to go back here this summer on our road trip and explore the whole park with Kacie, Brandy, and Lily. It’s going to be so much fun! 25 acres of dog park where we can just roam with our pups = heaven for dog moms.




Local shopping tips in Colorado Springs

I found the best local spice shop in Colorado Springs called Savory Spice Shop.  I got rubs for steaks and ribs, lemon pepper seasoning, an assortment of curry from around the world and taste-tested the shit out of their Sweet and Savory Candied Nuts. I also bought whipped honey. Which is like honey icing, and it is delicious. I’m going to stock up when I go back. If you haven’t tried it, you need it in your life… along with cookie butter.

PSA: if you haven’t tried Cookie Butter, go get you a spoonful of that stat.

A little farther down the way was the cutest soap store called Rocky Mountain Soap Market. It was shop full of soaps, bath bombs, bath salts, and all other sorts of organic and natural bath items. I got a few bars of soap that are wonderful! They don’t leave your skin all dry and are totally organic. Something that matters to me: I really like to know every single ingredient of everything I put in and on my body. I also really enjoy going to locally owned restaurants and stores and supporting local economy. I really like the motto “think global, act local.” This is the whole modern day hippie vibe that I love about myself.

Travel tips #10 & #11: Go and take a look at Savory Spice Shop and Rocky Mountain Soap Market.



 Black Friday at the dispensaries.

We took advantage of black Friday and went to Native Roots, High Street Growers, and some other dispensaries that I forgot the name of. I do not recommend Native Roots: they had awful customer service and were very rude in general. Later that day when we went to High Street Growers we had quite the opposite experience. They were super nice, answered our questions and even gave suggestions. And they had some sweeeeeet deals going on. I highly recommend High Street Growers. See what I did there? 🙂

On the topic of weed, you can go to the dispensaries with an ID that states you are over 21 years old and then you can purchase recreational marijuana. There are lounges where you can buy a membership and chill at and smoke said marijuana, or you can take it back to private residence and enjoy. You can get a citation for smoking marijuana in public in Colorado.

The first lounge we went to was called iBake Denver. It definitely was not as great as my experience at La Mesa in Barcelona, but it was awesome being there with friends. This lounge was basically a rundown gas station turned into two rooms where people can smoke and play games. It smelled bad and I was not a huge fan of it.

Later we went to a dab lounge called Lazy Lion, and I was much more impressed with this place; mainly because it was well lit and looked like it had been cleaned in the last month, unlike iBake. It is a dispensary and head shop and they had rigs set up to hit dabs and then you can chill there. They also had the old style giant Pac-Man video games, TVs with sports on, couches and chairs, and separate rooms with music on and people relaxing. It looked like an awesome place. We unfortunately did not get to stay very long before we had to drive back to the cabin. But the vibes were great.





Cheers to Colorado.

Bison burgers and lobster gnocchi.

In Denver we went to Angelo’s Taverna for lunch and 5280 Burger Bar for an early dinner. At 5280 Burger Bar, I had the Boss Hog Burger, and it lives up to its epic name, I’ll vouch for it… to say that I devoured this burger would be an understatement. I never put it back down on the plate once I picked it up, and at the same time I finished an entire Irish Ice Cream Float. It was one of the best meals of my life.

We went to lunch right before we drove back to Texas and stopped at Angelo’s Taverna. I got lobster gnocchi and was very impressed. Two things I love: lobster and gnocchi. Put them together? Of course I’m going to order that. The service here was kinda iffy, but the pasta was delicious.

Travel tip #13: Eat at 5280 Burger Bar in Downtown Denver



A huge part of whether I like a destination is their food… and obviously Denver passed with flying colors.

We went to Garden of the Gods

If you like hiking or nature at all you should go to The Garden of the Gods! It is awesome public park that you can drive, run, or bike through and just take in some of the beauty that Colorado has to offer. We drove through a few of the parts of the park and stopped at Balancing Rock. Here is where I chucked my ex’s bracelet off the side of the mountain, and since then I have been able to release him. Sometimes you just have to throw things off a mountain and get over it. I needed that moment.

Kacie and I plan on coming back here this summer too and running through the paths with the dogs. I am super pumped!



photo cred goes to ↑ Kacie & Kristen ↓



Allow, embrace, accept in all that you do.


I had a blast here; truly found some closure by throwing some stuff off a mountainside, was given a receipt for weed and got stupid stoned legally, enjoyed thousands of calories without any cares given and had some of the deepest laughs with some of my closest friends.

onward and upward,


traveled during November of 2015




A 24 year old nomad who has explored over 30 countries. I'm a modern day hippie, star gazer, and yoga teacher. Cookie butter, handstands, and my dog make me happy! And these posts contain my stories and memories of traveling and falling in love with the world. Cheers!

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