How to camp for free

How to camp for free in the USA

While on my 2 month road trip, I paid $27 for camping.

$2 7 total. Over a course of 2 months. And really it was only that much because I camped inside of a couple of National Parks and split the cost with friends. I spent more on chapstick during my road trip than I spent on camping.


The magic of Which looks like the screenshot below ↓

You simply plug in the area you are looking at on the homepage and a list of free campsites near the area will pop up. Green tents mean free, while red tents mean pay monies.

You’ll be given an address with GPS coordinates, who manages the spot, any amenities or activities, and usually some helpful directions or any other needed information about the spot. Oh and the 5 day weather forecast for the area!

IT IS AWESOME. And super helpful.

Note: this website and the campsites are not 100% guaranteed, sometimes the land has changed hands, the campsite gets moved or is no longer there, so you have to be flexible. I always made sure I had a backup campsite available just in case.

And as always; leave no trace whether you pay $50 for a campsite or $0 for a campsite.

I’m slowly getting back into writing and blogging and will be updating more and more often! But I figured this quick and easy post to help people out.

Stay tuned for more highlights from my 2017 road trip!

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  1. is AMAZING. My partner and I did a three-month road trip this summer and we utilized it so much. It’s not so useful on the eastern half of the States because there isn’t much BLM/NFS land there, but it’s so useful in the west, especially for areas like the Grand Canyon where the NP campsites book up so fast.

    • yes EXACTLY! it is true that I have only tried it in the west, but that’s where my roads trips have been lately. It is great to use around pretty much all of the NPs because of that reason. such a handy site!!

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