Rock of Gibraltar

We took a day trip to the Rock of Gibraltar.

 We walked from our hotel in Tarifa to the local bus stop to catch a bus for our day trip to Gibraltar. It was about a two hour journey and about an hour in, my mom leans across the aisle and asks me if I have my passport… and I say no, because that’s not something I carry with me… well, apparently Gibraltar is a British Territory, and so when you go there to visit, you will be entering a different country and thus need your passport for identification. So I did not actually get to visit Gibraltar, but I did find a truly epic view of the rock.

When we exited the bus stop, we walked towards the rock and the big gates where you will enter if you brought your passport. After a lunch of kabobs, my parents took out their passports and entered the gates and I took a left and walked for about half mile. I passed the commercialized area where they had fast food chains and people bumming around, past a really cool skate park, and then finally I spotted seagulls and sands. I later found out the name of this beach is Mala Bahía and it was excellent! 



gibraltar 3

Travel tip #3: bring your passport when visiting Gibraltar!

and then let me know how it is

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traveled during September of 2015




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