Tarifa, Spain

 After exploring Tangier, we took a ferry across the Strait of Gibraltar to Tarifa.

 The ferry we took was the fanciest I have ever been on. There was a first class section with air conditioning and reclining leather seats that we got to take advantage of for free. If you decide to take the hour long ferry ride, you will see some awesome views of the coast! When you arrive at the port of Tarifa you will get dropped off right in front of an old castle. Tarifa is on the southern tip of Spain and this place was awesome!


Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 4.54.01 AM tarifa castle

The streets of this town were amazing.





We stayed at Hotel La Rosa de Los Vientos.

Hotel La Rosa de Los Vientos has less than 10 rooms, is in the middle of town and comes with a private rooftop terrace where we enjoyed wine, cheese and crackers nightly. This boutique, family-owned hotel was great! We met the owner Seval and she was super helpful, very kind and gave us bottled water for our room (which is almost considered a delicacy) and free breakfast coupons to use at different restaurants around the city. When I go back, I would love to stay here again. 


Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 4.48.26 AM

A day trip to Playa de Bolonia

We hailed a taxi by the bus stop and told the driver that we wanted to go to a beach nearby. We are beach people and will always find great beaches around where we are. So we took a day trip that led us to Playa de Bolonia. Playa de Bolonia is known for wind surfing, and it very well known with the locals around. There were quite a few vendors with tents set up in front of their old VW vans with hair barrettes, bracelets and necklaces, beach tapestries and clothing. A very hippie/boho vibe indeed. So I loved it.

There is also a museum right by the beach that my parents went and checked out while I laid on the beach and read.


playa bolonia camper


Tarifa is a perfect yogi / surfer town with fantastic style, epic parties and great food. I would come back here for a fun weekend and truly take advantage of the party scene and shop my ass off.

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traveled during September of 2015




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  1. Incredibly fascinating! and to think I played “spit” with you – remember card games! love, A.Phyl

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