A day trip to Burano Island

Burano Island

A colorful island known for exquisite lace

This small island, just north of Venice, is known for its colorful buildings and beautiful lace. Burano is an Italian gem, and not many people know about it! Burano Island is a great spot for a day trip away from Venice. From Venice you can easily take a vaporetto over to the island of Burano and you should be there within an hour. A vaporetto is a water taxi or water bus that you will use pretty often if traveling between the islands of Venice.

 Burano is a photographers dream! The island is filled with colorful houses and restaurants, narrow alleyways and plentiful shops. Besides the colorful houses, Burano is also known for their intricate lace and their ancient, leaning bell tower. Burano is another place that you should allow yourself to just get lost and wander around, taking in all of the colorfully painted houses and shops that surround you. Spend a day here and grab lunch, gelato and take about 1,000 pictures. You will love it!

Tip: If you’re shopping around for lace, make sure to check the label carefully, because a lot of it is made in China. Be prepared to pay a lot for real Venetian (Burano) lace.

Take a day trip and enjoy yourself!







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